flag: 03:03, 18 May 2013
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[21:59:28] <KinGAleX> Hahahaha.
[21:59:42] <KinGAleX> N 2.0 is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
[21:59:55] <oeuvre> how so
[22:01:10] <KinGAleX> It just has nothing to do with any of the community developments in the last six years.
[22:01:12] <KinGAleX> Wait.
[22:01:14] <KinGAleX> Eight years.
[22:01:24] <halifax> M&R had their target demographic right under their noses this whole time.
[22:01:27] <halifax> And they -never- took advantage of it.
[22:01:38] <KinGAleX> Not once.
[22:01:44] <oeuvre> true
[22:01:46] <KinGAleX> Do they actually think this is going to reach a wider audience?
[22:01:51] <halifax> They were busy playing some kind of PR game for the past eight years.
[22:02:15] <KinGAleX> It's like remaking the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire again as Spiderman.