blue_tetris: 09:08, 15 May 2009
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[05:05:31] <~blue_tetris> I just went over everyone's head and, without any consultation whatsoever, altered the forum layout to my liking.
[05:05:33] <~blue_tetris> -Too bad-.
[05:05:47] <@Lenny> Which skin though?
[05:05:55] <@Lenny> Or all?
[05:06:31] <~blue_tetris> The layout. The forum names, the thread locations, everything.
[05:06:38] <~blue_tetris> It's all new and it's all mine.
[05:06:43] <@Lenny> Oh, cool.
[05:06:49] <~blue_tetris> Again, -fuck you-. Didn't want it changed? -Too bad-.
[05:06:56] <~blue_tetris> -Fuck you-.
[05:07:02] <@Lenny> I don't mind.
[05:07:12] <~blue_tetris> Mmmmmm...
[05:07:18] <@Lenny> Well, actually, I haven't seen it. But it doesn't sound like a bad idea.
[05:07:19] <~blue_tetris> I hate everything that you represent, Leonard.