It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

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[21:44] <Life247> Does anyone here know much about Gimp the imaging program?
[21:45] <remaniac> I know that paint.NET is easier than GIMP
[21:45] <Gimp> why on earth is everyone obsessed with image editing in this bloody channel?
[21:45] <Yanni> Hahaha.
[21:46] <Gimp> Seriously. I'm in around 20 channels on various networks, and this is the ONLY ONE that I get random pings from.
[21:46] <Gimp> Hell, I'm in channels dedicated to discussing open source software and I get next to no notifications from those that aren't aimed at me
[21:47] <Gimp> I think I need to case sensitize my notifications.
[21:47] <remaniac> Hahaha.
[21:48] <remaniac> That would help a bit. But Life used Gimp, whereas I used GIMP. so...
[21:53] * ska ( has joined #n
[21:53] <ska> hey, are there any image makers in the audience?
[21:53] <ska> i need a wallpaper pronto
<Jig> If I ever designed an automobile...
<Jig> I would call it the Hard Bargain.
<Jig> Just so everyone who drives it could get the satisfaction of having people scratch their chins and tell them what vehicle they drive.
* Gforce has joined #N
<Gforce> Here by request, incluye.
<Gforce> Woah, that's a haiku O_o

(Note: I hope I shouldn't have to say this, but count the syllables. ^)
<mistaken72> finally, the chaos is over
<ChaosWolf> I think you're mistaken
<lord_day> My mum bought the english equivalent of haggis.
<lord_day> It was called Faggot.
<lord_day> We haven't cooked it yet
<kirby> haha, yeah, Scotland is weird!
<kirby> fags = cigarettes
<kirby> faggots = meat
<kirby> homosexual transvestite = chair
<LittleViking> Breakfast at 4:00 AM. Tanner is so conservative.
<blue_tetris> Totally.
<KinGAleX> Haha, he is.
<blue_tetris> He's probably eating Shredded Wheat, reading the paper, and not thinking about anal sex.
<blue_tetris> Which is the polar opposite of my breakfast.
<KinGAleX> What's the polar opposite of Shredded Wheat?
<KinGAleX> Regular Wheat?
<blue_tetris> Whitecastle Burgers.
<blue_tetris> The opposite of reading the paper is shitting the television.
<blue_tetris> And the opposite of not thinking about anal sex is challenging the neighbor to a game of laser tag.
<CF> ...
* Tanner is back (gone 00:20:02)
<Tanner> Those were some delicious Captil-Os.
<Tanner> I wanted the ones with Globalization Marshmallows... but I didn't have enough money.
<blue_tetris> Looks like you need to move into a higher breakfast bracket.
* blue_tetris consolidates his bacon.
<Kashkin> What's a roll of film called?
<LittleViking> A filmroll.
<Kashkin> really?
<LittleViking> Oh, I guess not. Roll of film is the term.
<LittleViking> Hm. Rollfilm is what you'd call film wound around a spool like a movie.
<LittleViking> Rollfilmao if it's a comedy.
<KinGAleX> I get to vote for the first time on Saturday!
<SlappyMcGee> Yay!
<KinGAleX> Granted, I'm null voting.
<KinGAleX> But I respect the right to.
<SlappyMcGee> What are the parties like in Australia?
<KinGAleX> Small, quick, and full of idiots.
<KinGAleX> Just like the political ones.
<Bio> Fucking Safari doesn't work. =[
<Yanni> I don't imagine it would. I hardly think that's what it was designed for.
<Yanni> Good God, the mp3 thing is awesome.
<George> Mmmhmmm.
<LittleViking> Kablizzy thought that was part of the new spoiler at first.
<LittleViking> I had the mp3 tag right below the spoiler in testing, so he thought every spoiler played Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
<blue_tetris> Someone post more advice on Safe.
<LittleViking> Wait, wait, can we give meta Safe advice? "Dave, the story needs more action. Let's have a scene where he's taken to a subway tunnel to be executed, but he escapes in a twist."
<blue_tetris> Wahahahaha.
<blue_tetris> Only if I can give metametaSafe advice.
<blue_tetris> "Your advice needs bigger fonts."
[13:05] <LittleViking> Oh, wow, GQL (ed: Google Query Language, which Numa's database resides in) is the reason for the "truncated results" error.
[13:06] <sidke> I haven't seen a 'truncted results' error. Is it repeatable?
[13:06] <LittleViking>
[13:08] <sidke> O__o
[13:08] <sidke> I'd understand if that were ?count=1000, but why does it happen with start?
[13:08] <LittleViking> The reason is that GQL has an arbitrary maximum of 1000 results returned, and that setting an offset in the query doesn't change the results returned, it only changes where the output starts.
[13:09] <sidke> Aaaaaaaah.
[13:09] * sidke enlightened.
[13:10] <sidke> What if one were to improve the script to offset the query by 1000?
[13:10] <sidke> Er, not just by 1000... You know what I mean.
[13:12] <LittleViking> Well, the problem, I think, is that even if you set an offset of 1000, it returns the same results as starting at 0. So you're like, "Hey Google, give me 10 maps starting at 1000," and Google returns to you the 1000 most recent maps and says, "Okay, here are your results," pointing just past the last result.
[13:12] <LittleViking> And all you can do is scratch your head while Google stands unfettered by your confusion.
<RPSBot> Let's begin: Pembie vs blue_tetris!
<RPSBot> PM me your choices.
<blue_tetris> Before we choose.
<blue_tetris> Wait!!!
<Pembie> Okay
<blue_tetris> Let's talk this out.
<Pembie> Heh
<blue_tetris> I'm going to choose rock.
<Pembie> I was liking scissors
<blue_tetris> I dare you. I dare you to choose paper.
<ravenclaw> don't listen to him pembie!
<Trogdor007> Do it!
<blue_tetris> Do it do it do it do it.
<Trogdor007> Choose paper!
<Pembie> Hmmm
<blue_tetris> Go on. Try me.
<Pembie> I'm sticking with scissors.
<RPSBot> Tie with rock! Submit again.
<RPSBot> Let's begin: Pembie vs blue_tetris!
<RPSBot> PM me your choices.
<Pembie> Oooo
<blue_tetris> Haha.
<blue_tetris> I'm going with rock again.
<Pembie> I bet
<blue_tetris> I dare you, again, to pick paper.
<blue_tetris> A second time, I dare you to select paper.
<ravenclaw> do it!
* RPSBot sets mode: -v Pembie
<RPSBot> Pembie: scissors. blue_tetris: rock. blue_tetris wins!
<RPSBot> Game over. blue_tetris wins the ladder competition.
<blue_tetris> Hahaha!
<Pembie> DAMN
<Tanner> Nicely done.
<Yahoozy> I'm going to a get a tattoo of a van, but, gradually, as years pass, I'll tattoo rust and fungus on it.
<Templex> ignore me if I make apparently random keystrokes, that's me mashing the keyboard trying to get the space bar out
* Plague has joined #n
> KinGAleX gives voice to Plague
<Templex> cc ccccccvgmcccc,mmmmmmmmc vcvcnc vccccccccxv v vcccccccccccccvcc c ccccccccccccccccccccccccv c cc ccc ccccc
<Plague> ??????????
<Vike91> hi
<Vike91> who's be_happy and guy_zap?
<Be_Happy> You don't no Who I am
<Be_Happy> !!!
<Vike91> no.
<guy_zap> Not many do
<Be_Happy> wow
<arachnid> Gah
<arachnid> It's "know", not "no", damnit!
<Be_Happy> sory
* arachnid bangs head on wall
<blue_tetris> Here's an interesting equation which accurately determines the date and time of Doomsday:
<LittleViking> o__o
<blue_tetris> Pr(N) - the ultimate number of people that will be born, assumed by J. Richard Gott to have a vague prior distribution, Pr(N) = k/N
<blue_tetris> Pr(n|N) - the chance of being born in any position based on a total population N
<blue_tetris> Actually, I guess that determines the probability of any certain date to be Doomsday.
<blue_tetris> Anyway, by the formula, there's a 100% chance that April 27th, 2022 is a Doomsday. Also, there's a 0% chance that April 28th, 2022 is a Doomsday.
<LittleViking> o_O
<LF> so i die in?
<LF> say
<LF> 15 years?
<LF> when i'm 30/31
<blue_tetris> Yeah.
<blue_tetris> Time to start doing everything you ever wanted to do.
* blue_tetris skydives for 15 years.
* LF runs off to have sex for 15 years straight
<LittleViking> That could be a nice way to live.
<LittleViking> Knowing that the world will end in 15 years.
<blue_tetris> Yeah. Honestly, if a doctor told me that I had 15 years to live, I'd just go nuts.
<blue_tetris> I'd buy a houseboat and crash it into other houseboats.
<blue_tetris> Just to be an ass.
<Obby> I have an entire Jell-O snack pack in my mouth, and I can't swallow it.
<Clovic> ive been reading 4 hours and writing 4 hours every day
<LittleViking> Oh, nice.
<Yahoozy> And toking it up for the other 16 hours?
<Clovic> well
<Clovic> I toke up when I wake up and when i go to bed
<Clovic> Im pretty sober other than that unless we're going to a film
<Clovic> or if Im reading
<Clovic> ...or if Im gaming
<Clovic> so I guess you're right
<Snuggletummy> You have to climb to the top of the meat circus while your father is throwing shit at you.
<RincewindSW> My sister thinks I have no compassion because I laugh at people on You've Been Framed,
<lord_day> So does everyone.
<RincewindSW> I know.
<LittleViking> What's "You've Been Framed?"
<blue_tetris> A British reality TV show?
<RincewindSW> Home videos show, mostly people injuring themselves.
<unconditional> Laughing at people who fall over
<unconditional> and run into trees
<blue_tetris> Do animals bite 40-year-olds' groins on that show? If so, we have something like that in the States.
<Trogdor007> World's Funniest Home Videos?
<blue_tetris> America's Most Groin-Bitingest Videos, actually.
<LittleViking> Hahahaha.
<LittleViking> Groin-Bitingest...
<blue_tetris> I imagined the show in my head. Bob Sagat is on voice-over and he's like: "*humming* I'm just going to get the mail from the mailbox. *humming* ARGH MY GROIN!!"
<RincewindSW> Ahaha.
<blue_tetris> Then, immediately going to the next video: "I'm just going to climb out of this swimming pool. *humming* ARGH MY GROIN!!"
Kashkin: I keep yelling "You WHORE!" at inanimate objects.
Kashkin: And the last dozen times I've done it, some lady has passed by and gotten all affronted.
Kablizzy: Hahahah.
Kashkin: It's getting ridiculous.
Kashkin: I actually look both ways, then berate the item in question.
Kablizzy: Hahahah.
Kablizzy: That's hilarious.
Kashkin: And some bitch will pop round the corner at the last minute, jaw dropped, staring at me.
Kashkin: And I'm like, "Not you... the pizza... slice. Heheheh..."
Kablizzy: rofl
<smartalco> logic says i should be doing history homework
<smartalco> unlogic says i should play tetris
<smartalco> unfortunately for logic, unlogic has more hp and a higher attack and defense
<smartalco> tetris it is!
* capt_weasle has joined #n
<LittleViking> I see your old plumber and raise you my sister's dog.
<capt_weasle> ...
<capt_weasle> Did I come in at the wrong time?
<Yahoozy> Sept, I think these kinky anime shows are destroying your life.
<Yahoozy> You're immoderately aroused today, to put it lightly.
<Sept> Which ones?
<Sept> The last anime I've been into was like 2 years ago.
<Sept> And I don't watch many animes.
<Yahoozy> ...
<Yahoozy> I DON'T CARE
<Yahoozy> THE END
<Sept> Things...? Dude, you're so materialistic. They're called women.
* Jean-Luc has joined #n
<Tanner> Jean-Luc!
<Jean-Luc> Tanner!
<Tanner> Jean-Luc, wanna collab?
<Jean-Luc> what am I collaborating on?
<Tanner> Nevermind.
<Jean-Luc> ok
<Jean-Luc> fine, I wont.
<Tanner> I remembered that I don't make maps.
<Jean-Luc> LOLOL
<Jean-Luc> neither do I.
<Tanner> Heh. That would've been a pretty lousy collab.