It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

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[17:27] * @Donfuy is away: Yes.
[17:28] * @Donfuy is back (gone 00:01:06)
[17:29] <Zapmeister999> where the heck did you go for 66 seconds
[17:29] <@Donfuy> down
[17:29] <@Donfuy> stairs
[17:29] <van> masturbating?
[17:29] <van> you're fast
[17:29] <@Donfuy> I thought dinner was almost r--
[17:29] <@Donfuy> >:|
[17:29] <@Izzy> Heh.
[17:29] <@Donfuy> Tehre was nothing interesting downstairs so i came
[17:29] <@Donfuy> UP
[17:29] <@Donfuy> I CAME UP
[13:00] <&ortsz> how 2 get a guy 2 fall in luv with u
[13:00] <&ortsz> 1 when you pass this total hotty in the hall stay calm don't freak out or look at him! guys like it when your calm, i mean you don't want to scare them away!
[13:00] <&ortsz> 2 And the reason why i say don't look at him is because you have to let him know that you like him first and then you have to dress really hot and look at him about 2 times a day and then not look at him anymore if you look at him too much he'll just get tired of you and not even pay any attention after a while!
[13:00] <Mustardude> ...
[13:00] <&ortsz> 3 third you have to look at him and smile or wave even a friendly hello will make him want you more!
[13:00] <Izzy|HW> ...
[13:00] <Mustardude> What...
[13:00] <&ortsz> 4 after you've done these steps for about 2 or 3 weeks try ignoring him for a while and then start trying to be in his life start trying to hang out around him as much as you can buuuutttt not too much he may think your obsessed with him or something!
[13:00] <Mustardude> yeah
[13:00] <&ortsz> 5 become friends with him and then after doing these things for about 5 weeks come back to me and e mail me at so i can connect with you and help you personally with your problem!
[13:00] <Mustardude> Mustar*dude*
[13:00] <&ortsz> don't act like a fake, no one likes that.
[13:00] <&ortsz> make sure to make eye contact and really let him know that you love him and that he means the world to you! and then just maybe then you can ask him out if you feel comfortable enough!!!!!
[13:00] <Izzy|HW> No really, I see him about once a month when going to town.
[13:00] <Mustardude> wtf are you on about
[13:01] <gloomp> Haha.
[13:01] <gloomp> Browsing that girls forum again?
[13:01] <Mustardude> Izzy
[13:01] <&ortsz> Nope.
[13:01] <Izzy|HW> mustard
[13:01] <Izzy|HW> ?
[13:01] <Mustardude> Yeah
[13:01] <Mustardude> wait
[13:01] <Mustardude> nvm
[13:01] <&ortsz> Oh, and remember that nothing can happen between you. At least not now. When you're both older, who knows, you might be meant for each other. When I'm sad, I'll imagine him. That makes things better. Also, listen to sad romantic music, cry alone. That can help you get your feelings out. Obsess over his picture, keep a diary, and remember all the times you've had with him. They are precious and you should remember them forever!
[13:02] <Mustardude> ortsz
[13:02] <&ortsz> wat
[13:02] <Mustardude> what exactly are you on about
[13:02] <&ortsz> *what
[13:02] <Mustardude> like
[13:02] <&ortsz> i am on about hooking girls up with ht guys
[13:02] <Izzy|HW> `stro
[13:02] <Mustardude> :)
[13:02] <&ortsz> if any of u are having a problem with guys i can help
[13:02] <&ortsz> pls come to me with ur probs
[13:02] <Izzy|HW> O_-oQ
[13:02] <gloomp> Hahahahhahaaaaaha.
[13:02] <&ortsz> gloomp do u have a bf
[13:02] <Mustardude> Are you talking to Izzy>
[13:03] * Izzy|HW is a guy. :|
[13:03] <Mustardude> I believe gloomp is a dude
[13:03] <gloomp> i did but he cheated so i dumped him
[13:03] <Mustardude> oh
[13:03] <Izzy|HW> guy/man/dude/male*
[13:03] <Mustardude> maybe not
[13:03] <&ortsz> im sorry honey
[13:03] <&ortsz> i can help u get a hotter one
[13:03] <Radium> Gloomps like tiny right?
[13:03] <gloomp> its ok
[13:03] <&ortsz> first u have to dress really hot but not slutty theres a difference
[13:03] <&ortsz> you cannot expose your nipples
[13:03] <gloomp> I AM NOT :::_P:_;_;-p
[13:03] <gloomp> TINY
[13:04] <gloomp> yes that is gud advice
[13:04] <&ortsz> yes
[13:04] <Radium> yes
[13:04] <&ortsz> then u have 2 look at him but not too much
[13:04] <&ortsz> stare at him until he looks at u
[13:04] * Skyline (Skyline@61929DBF.A1962A63.D44C667B.IP) Quit (Quit: )
[13:04] <&ortsz> then you ignore him for the rest of the day
[13:04] <&ortsz> *u
[13:04] <Izzy|HW> omgsrsly??!
[13:04] <gloomp> yes that sound rght
[13:04] <&ortsz> if he tries 2 talk to u say ur busy
[13:04] <Radium>
[13:04] <Izzy|HW> gloomp omg
[13:05] <gloomp> i wil try tody
[13:05] <Izzy|HW> lol wtf
[13:05] <Mustardude> So
[13:05] <Mustardude> wait
[13:05] <Radium> yeah..
[13:05] <&ortsz> if he has a gf already u should pretend to be her friend
[13:05] <Mustardude> gloomp = female
[13:05] <&ortsz> then make her hang herself
[13:05] <Izzy|HW> ur funy meastor
[13:05] <gloomp> ok
[13:05] <&ortsz> make lipstick out of her blood
[13:05] <Mustardude> ???
[13:05] <&ortsz> and then kiss the guy when hes not looking
[13:05] <Izzy|HW> ok dat crazy
[13:05] <&ortsz> guys luv the metallic taste
[13:06] <Mustardude> ...
[13:06] <&ortsz> but make sure she wasnt hiv positive nor something lol
[13:06] <Mustardude> *shifts away*
[13:06] <&ortsz> u dont want him to die
[13:06] <&ortsz> unless u do
[13:06] <Izzy|HW> lol maestor
[13:06] <&ortsz> in which case i can still help
[13:06] <Mustardude> why am I maestor
[13:06] <Izzy|HW> nowai!???3
[13:06] <gloomp> u are vry smrt orstro
[13:06] <Izzy|HW> um ya
[13:06] <&ortsz> you will need gloves two bags of ice and a large box or covered hole in the ground
[13:07] <&ortsz> and a butter knife
[13:07] <Mustardude> You know...
[13:07] <gloomp> i wil rember
[13:07] <Mustardude> he's copying this from somewhere
[13:07] <Mustardude> IMO
[13:07] * Losttortuga ( has joined #n
[13:07] <&ortsz> lol no
[13:07] <Izzy|HW> no hes 2 smart
[13:07] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:07] <&ortsz> i copied the first thing because i am not original
[13:07] <Mustardude> Hi Losttortuga
[13:07] <&ortsz> but then i gotmy mojo back because i went ten pin bowling
[13:07] <gloomp> lol orstro wudnt plagrize
[13:07] <Losttortuga> Hello.
[13:07] <&ortsz> and it was neon
[13:08] <Izzy|HW> lol mojo
[13:08] <&ortsz> these ideas are original and copyrighted ladies dont steal them cos i will no
[13:08] <Mustardude> how the heck do you type a paragraph so fast?
[13:08] <Izzy|HW> stro iz rite
[13:08] <gloomp> i prmse t alwys crdit u
[13:08] <&ortsz> lol mustardude i am taking off your shirt
[13:08] <&ortsz> i am gasing at your manliness
[13:08] <Mustardude> ...
[13:08] <Izzy|HW> u rok orstor
[13:08] <Mustardude> You know...
[13:08] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:09] <Mustardude> I'm married
[13:09] <&ortsz> u r not
[13:09] <Izzy|HW> no ur not
[13:09] <&ortsz> lol
[13:09] <Mustardude> yeah
[13:09] <Mustardude> i am
[13:09] * gloomp is totally like actually laughing
[13:09] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:09] * Izzy|HW 2
[13:09] <&ortsz> srsky
[13:09] <Mustardude> ...
[13:09] <Mustardude> :s
[13:10] <&ortsz> so um
[13:10] <Izzy|HW> ya
[13:10] <&ortsz> did u ask him out
[13:10] <Mustardude> Who
[13:10] <Mustardude> YO
[13:10] <Izzy|HW> i dont no
[13:10] <&ortsz> the short grl
[13:10] <Mustardude> MUSTAR * DUDE *
[13:10] <&ortsz> wat
[13:10] <Mustardude> ...
[13:11] <&ortsz> what r u doing in a girls chat channel lol
[13:11] <&ortsz> r u gay
[13:11] <Izzy|HW> lol u said lol
[13:11] <Mustardude> Uh oh
[13:11] <Izzy|HW> ur gai!?
[13:11] <Mustardude> had no idea
[13:11] <Mustardude> NO DUDE DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING
[13:11] <Mustardude> god
[13:11] <&ortsz> we used to be #no_boys_allowed but that's so 1999
[13:11] <Mustardude> I was told to join this
[13:12] <Mustardude> I'm sorry
[13:12] <gloomp> ys it doz
[13:12] <&ortsz> we shortned it
[13:12] <Mustardude> GOd
[13:12] <gloomp> ur a dude
[13:12] <Mustardude> YEA
[13:12] <Mustardude> I WAS TOLD TO JOIN
[13:12] <&ortsz> by who
[13:12] <Izzy|HW> hu told u?
[13:12] <&ortsz> yr bf
[13:12] <&ortsz> its okay
[13:12] <&ortsz> i know loads of gay guys
[13:12] <gloomp> y r u hre?
[13:12] <Mustardude> dude
[13:12] <Izzy|HW> me 2
[13:12] <&ortsz> atleast i think they are gay
[13:12] <&ortsz> because they dont notice my body
[13:12] <Izzy|HW> ya
[13:12] <Mustardude> Radium
[13:12] <&ortsz> even tho im totally ignoring them
[13:12] <Izzy|HW> huz rraduim?
[13:12] <gloomp> thy must b orstro
[13:13] <Mustardude> RadiumFalcon
[13:13] <Mustardude> he
[13:13] <Mustardude> is here too
[13:13] <Izzy|HW> o lol
[13:13] <Mustardude> HE
[13:13] <gloomp> he?
[13:13] <gloomp> no
[13:13] <Mustardude> HE
[13:13] <gloomp> she
[13:13] <Mustardude> no
[13:13] <Mustardude> HE
[13:13] <Radium> gloomp, just no.
[13:13] <&ortsz> ok
[13:13] <&ortsz> this is not right
[13:13] <&ortsz> u guys cant be here unless you kiss eachother
[13:13] <gloomp> yeh
[13:14] <Izzy|HW> ya giuse kis
[13:14] <Mustardude> Goodbye
[13:14] <Mustardude> where's the men's server
[13:14] <gloomp> nooo dont go
[13:14] <Izzy|HW> #boyz
[13:14] <Izzy|HW> i tink
[13:14] <Mustardude> Nope
[13:14] <Izzy|HW> srsly?
[13:15] <Izzy|HW> thy muved it!?
[13:15] <Izzy|HW> omg
[13:15] <Mustardude> IDK
[13:15] * toasters ( has joined #n
[13:15] <Izzy|HW> lol u said IDK!
[13:15] <Izzy|HW> 1
[13:15] <Mustardude> oh sheeit
[13:15] <Izzy|HW> hi toastress
[13:15] <gloomp> tostrs gurl hw r u?
[13:16] <toasters> fabulous
[13:16] <Izzy|HW> ur kool
[13:16] <Radium> this is out of control -
[13:16] <toasters> lol I don't think I've ever said fabulous before
[13:16] <&ortsz> lol u r babe
[13:17] <Mustardude> dammit
[13:17] <Mustardude> I want out
[13:17] <Mustardude> :(
[13:17] <gloomp> it is a gret wurd honey
[13:17] <Izzy|HW> o wel pres the x
[13:17] <Mustardude> this is embarresing
[13:17] <&ortsz> lets play a game
[13:17] <gloomp> us it mre
[13:17] <&ortsz> lol
[13:17] <Izzy|HW> stupid boyz
[13:17] <&ortsz> have u ever kissed a girl
[13:17] <Mustardude> ...
[13:17] <Mustardude> You know
[13:17] <Izzy|HW> u liked it omg
[13:17] <Mustardude> you want me to tell you who told me to come here?
[13:18] <Izzy|HW> um ok wateva
[13:18] <Mustardude> Radium
[13:18] <&ortsz> your bf its ok
[13:18] <&ortsz> we r tolerant grls
[13:18] <Mustardude> the sorry little assholde
[13:18] <&ortsz> except at that time of the month
[13:18] <&ortsz> rite ladies
[13:18] <Izzy|HW> ya
[13:18] <Mustardude> im gonna beat the crap out of him
[13:18] <gloomp> rite
[13:18] <&ortsz> its ok i can say it
[13:18] <&ortsz> so gloomp
[13:18] <&ortsz> have u ever kissed a girl
[13:18] <gloomp> ew no
[13:18] <&ortsz> do u want to try
[13:18] <Izzy|HW> she liekd it
[13:18] <Izzy|HW> liek srs
[13:19] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:19] <gloomp> i mght sumday
[13:19] <Izzy|HW> omg glomp
[13:19] <gloomp> but im nt rdy yet
[13:19] <Izzy|HW> y\
[13:19] <&ortsz> r u sur
[13:19] <&ortsz> u never know
[13:19] <&ortsz> its easy really
[13:19] <&ortsz> lol
[13:19] <gloomp> tru
[13:19] <Izzy|HW> lol orstor
[13:19] <&ortsz> close ur eyes
[13:19] <gloomp> ok
[13:19] <&ortsz> do u
[13:19] <&ortsz> i
[13:20] <&ortsz> i dont want to force u into something u dont want 2 do
[13:20] <&ortsz> cos that is rape
[13:20] <&ortsz> i do not want to rape you baby
[13:20] <gloomp> no go ahed
[13:20] <Izzy|HW> srs1
[13:20] <&ortsz> ok then i will kiss u like only a girl can
[13:20] <gloomp> do it
[13:20] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:21] <&ortsz> is it okay if i use tongue
[13:21] <Izzy|HW> i thikn so
[13:21] <gloomp> it is i wnt ths
[13:21] <&ortsz> is it ok if i touch your hips
[13:21] <Izzy|HW> glopmo is kool
[13:21] <gloomp> ys
[13:21] <&ortsz> is it ok if i have a penis
[13:21] <Izzy|HW> OMG!
[13:21] <gloomp> WH
[13:21] <Izzy|HW> ur a BoI
[13:21] <gloomp> ?!?!?!!?!?!
[13:21] <&ortsz> wat
[13:21] <&ortsz> no
[13:22] <&ortsz> i jk lol
[13:22] <&ortsz> lol
[13:22] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:22] <&ortsz> lol
[13:22] <&ortsz> lol
[13:22] <gloomp> oh lol
[13:22] <&ortsz> i want ur feminine body against my feminine body
[13:22] <Izzy|HW> omg orstor u scairt mi
[13:22] <&ortsz> lol
[13:22] <&ortsz> its okay i will make it up to u
[13:22] <&ortsz> *wink*
[13:22] <Izzy|HW> kool
[13:22] <Izzy|HW> llol
[13:22] <gloomp> thts nice
[13:22] * remote ( has joined #n
[13:22] <&ortsz> ok actually i think i have to go
[13:23] <Mustardude> Hey
[13:23] <Mustardude> it's remote
[13:23] <&ortsz> i have an nails hair thin
[13:23] <gloomp> gudbye
[13:23] <remote> heyy
[13:23] <Izzy|HW> hi limre
[13:23] <gloomp> i wil not forgt
[13:23] <&ortsz> but maybe we can have a lesbian threesome soon
[13:23] <Izzy|HW> kool lol
[13:23] <Izzy|HW> buy orstoz
[13:23] <gloomp> i hpe so.
[13:23] <&ortsz> there will be much rubbing of genitalia
[13:23] <remote> quick, i need someone experienced to playtest the last episode of my level pack
[13:23] <Radium> good god.
[13:23] <gloomp> sxy
[13:24] <Izzy|HW> i wud, bt i hve hw
[13:24] <Izzy|HW> lol
[13:24] <Mustardude> Radium
[13:24] <Mustardude> god
[13:24] <Radium> What?
[13:24] <Mustardude> just wait until i get my hands on you
[13:24] <remote> lol, thanks anyway
[13:24] <Radium> Dude..
[13:24] <Radium> Wf
[13:24] <&ortsz> lol
[13:24] <&ortsz> hot
[13:25] <remote> if anyone is interested pm me and ill get back to ya after dinner
[13:25] <Izzy|HW> ok kool lol
[13:25] * Vike91 ( has joined #n
[13:25] <&ortsz> ok by
[13:25] <&ortsz> girls
[13:25] <Izzy|HW> buy ortos
[13:25] * &ortsz ( Quit (Quit:
[13:26] <Radium> Guys.
[13:26] <Radium> mustardude
[13:26] <gloomp> I'd say that's that.
[13:26] <Mustardude> what
[13:26] <gloomp> CHRADE OVER
[13:26] <Radium> thinks i tricked him into coming into a girl server
[13:26] <Radium> ...
[13:26] <Mustardude> :)
[13:26] <Mustardude> ortz is a fag
[13:26] <Mustardude> then
[13:27] * Vike91 is now known as ortsz
[13:27] <Izzy|HW> lol buy im goin
[13:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao ortsz ortsz
[13:27] * ortsz sets mode: +b *!*4caf63ac@*
[13:27] * Mustardude was kicked by ortsz (ortsz)
[13:27] <&ortsz> why have u all stopped talking ladylike
[13:27] <Izzy|Awai> i thikn there guyz
[13:27] <Izzy|Awai> lol
[13:27] <gloomp> bye
[13:27] * Izzy|Awai is now known as Izzy|Away
[13:27] <Radium> guys. someone quote that shit
[13:28] <Izzy|Away> Please
[13:28] * ortsz sets mode: -b *!*4caf63ac@*
[13:28] <Izzy|Away> *away*
[13:28] <&ortsz> Oh, yes, he said fag.
[13:28] <&ortsz> That is appropriate banning grounds.
[13:28] <&ortsz> I am in the right.
[13:29] <gloomp> You are.
[13:29] <Radium> Yeah.
[13:29] * gloomp away
[13:29] <Radium> I shouldn't have told him about IRC.
[13:29] <Radium> He's too immature
[13:30] <&ortsz> I'm not going to lie, there was something strangely stimulating about that whole experience.
[13:30] <&ortsz> And maybe we could do it again sometime.
[13:30] <Radium> Yep.
[13:30] <Radium> I love his gullibility
[13:30] <toasters> Blurring gender lines is always interesting.
[13:30] <&ortsz> With a candlelit dinner.
[13:30] <&ortsz> And sexy lingerie.
[13:31] <&ortsz> Maybe I could build a fembot.
[13:31] * gloomp back
[13:31] <&ortsz> Or two fembots.
[13:31] <&ortsz> That's even better.
[13:31] <Radium> :/
[13:31] <&ortsz> I have the best ideas.
[13:31] <&ortsz> Gynoid.
[13:31] <gloomp> Goodnight.
[13:32] * uber_haxor ( has joined #n
[13:32] <gloomp> UB3ERT_KHAVCXOR
[13:32] <gloomp> '
[13:32] <&ortsz> I wonder if Vike would fuck me.
<Animator> I need a LittleViking quote.
<Quote> MiniatureNorseman
<rocket_thumped> I could beat that with my cock tied behind my back.
<lord_day> I didn't know losing the use of your cock inhibited your mapping skills.
<Izzy> What do you use a rooster for while making maps?
<rocket_thumped> My mapping skills are channeled through my cock.
<lord_day> I didn't know your mapping skills could be brought down any lower. D:<
<rocket_thumped> For instance.
<rocket_thumped> Imagine a big forest.
*Izzy imagines
<rocket_thumped> Now imagine a big cock in that forest.
<rocket_thumped> That is my cock.
<Izzy> Why a forest?
<rocket_thumped> It's energy efficient.
<rocket_thumped> My cock that is.
<lord_day> Now imagine a bigger forest.
<rocket_thumped> Fuck you.
<lord_day> Imagine a bigger cock in that forest.
<rocket_thumped> And it's still my cock.
<lord_day> Then imagine an even bigger cock looming over that cock.
<incluye> ...
<rocket_thumped> Damn
<rocket_thumped> Bahaha
<Izzy> Wahaha
<incluye> Then imagine that each tree is a pubic hair on my testicles.
<rocket_thumped> He knew what I was going to type!
<incluye> And that's MY cock.