It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

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<maestro> Dating tip 1: don't use terms like "inversely correlated".
ChaosWolf> My foot hurts.
<ChaosWolf> Our dogs have to be crated when my parents leave, so I'm laying there in bed, and they start barking and wake me up.
<ChaosWolf> So, I go into the kitchen, and kick the fuck out of their cage.
<Hylian> Is it metal
<Hylian> I mean, is it metal?
<ChaosWolf> Yes.
<ChaosWolf> Like, they bark at nothing. They just bark randomly.
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<ChaosWolf> and they keep doing it for about 30 minutes straight.
<Hylian> They must be retarded or something
<Az> Hey guys,
<ChaosWolf> Which is why I really hate dogs.
<ChaosWolf> Hello.
<Az> Dogs are freaking awesome
<ChaosWolf> Yes, to you.
<ChaosWolf> I hate dogs.
<Hylian> I have two cats
<ChaosWolf> I LOVE cats.
<ChaosWolf> I'm allergic to them, yet I have one :D.
<Hylian> Do all wolves love cats?
<Az> Also, trackmania united forever is awesome
<ChaosWolf> Yes.
<ChaosWolf> I fucking agree!
<ChaosWolf> It's amazing
<ChaosWolf> Also, Hylian, yes.
<Hylian> Excellent! We shall feast tonight.
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<Hippo> Hi there.
<Hylian> Hello there Hippo, join us for our three-course feline feast.
<Hippo> Why?
<Hippo> Are we all asian now? Eating cat?
<Hippo> Oops, I'm sorry if that was raicest.
<Hylian> No, we're all wolves now.
<Hippo> Oh, I see.
<Hylian> Apparently, wolves love cats.
<Hippo> I thought they ate rabbits.
<Hylian> As did I, but our good friend ChaosWolf informed me otherwise.
<Hippo> Oh, I see.
<ChaosWolf> Not to eat.
<ChaosWolf> You retard.
<Hippo> Oh?
<ChaosWolf> I WAT rabbits.
<ChaosWolf> EAT*
<ChaosWolf> I Love to PLAY with CATS
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<Hippo> He rapes cats?
<Hippo> I never knew wolves raped cats.
<CW^D2X> Yes...stubborn dumbass, I rape cats.
<CW^D2X> I'm a furry, apparently.
<Hippo> <+ChaosWolf> I Love to PLAY with CATS
<Hippo> play.
<Hylian> Heheheh.
ChaosWolf> Wow, I have more System of a Down than infected Mushroom.
<ChaosWolf> R.E.M. is also up up there with a lot of schlongs
<ChaosWolf> songs*
<maestro> lololol
<Impulse> I'm not going to 4chan.
<Impulse> Ever.
<Templex> It's not gross, just weird.
<Templex> Why is it a png? ._>--->>>>
<Hylian> Man, 4chan?
<Animator> Don't do the 4chan, man.
<Animator> The 4chan man has a name, it's Stan.
<Impulse> That rhymes.
<Animator> Stan was a very lonely man. All because he used 4chan.
<Hylian> Nobody trusts a guy called Stan.
* Animator bows.
<Snuggletummy> I do 4chan all the time.
<Templex> BAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Oh my god, this is HILARIOUS. Video included.
<victim> I heard of that.
<Impulse> You /would/ do 4chan, wouldn't you, CW?
<Snuggletummy> Probably.
<Impulse> Haha.
<Animator> Stan was a fan of this 4chan.
<Animator> He always made his private plans.
<Animator> A plan that Stan made in this 4chan, but then the bell rang.
<Animator> And his touvch with reality came back.
* Animator bows.
<Impulse> Shut the fuck up, Animator.
<Animator> Aw, I was just about to do an ending.
<Hylian> Do it anyway
<Impulse> Ugh... go ahead.
<Snuggletummy> I've never seen an ACTUAL image of Spore.
* OS is away: Sword-Smithing
<Animator> But Stan kept on with the 4chan man.
<Animator> And the man messed around with Stan.
<Animator> Stan's inner plan went away with the 4chan man, until he met a savior named Han.
<Impulse> That was deep, man.
<Animator> And Han told Stan of his experince with 4chan, and Stan left 4chan, contiuing his plan once more.
<Animator> The moral of the story?
<Snuggletummy> Then, Impulse suffered from a ban for yelling at the ANimator man.
<Snuggletummy> Animator*
<Impulse> Sorry, sir.
<Impulse> It won't happen again, sir.
<Snuggletummy> Stop calling me sir.
<Snuggletummy> madam.
<Hylian> He's not funny, sir!
<Animator> Don't mees around with the 4chan man, because Stan will lay6 your plan... on you...
<Templex> very slight blackout
<Templex> uh oh
* Animator bows. I am finished.