It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

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Communist> Good lord, stop it!
<Cornface> Nah, that's taken ST>
<Communist> I'm only 9!
<Cornface> .
<Communist> ...
<LittleViking> That's what she said.
<Communist> ha!
<LittleViking> To be clear, "Good lord, stop it! I'm only 9!" is what she said.
<Communist> That is literally so great
<blue_tetris> Commie is only 9?
<blue_tetris> For real?
<Communist> Really.
<LittleViking> He's 27 actually.
<Communist> No, I'm 71
<Lenny> What? And you still go to school?
<Communist> Wanting to bone a 11 year old, which is worse, 9, or 71?
<Snuggletummy> Both.
<Communist> Kinky.
[19:56] <Guiseppi> All I want to do is have a conversation with you, isaacx.
[19:57] <isaacx> what do you want to talk about?
[19:57] <Guiseppi> Let's talk about girls.
[19:57] <Guiseppi> Do you like girls?
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[19:57] <Communist> I liek girls
[19:57] <isaacx> i guess?
[19:57] <Isaac> Chatzilla?
[19:57] <Isaac> I hate that.
[19:57] <Communist> How can you tell?
[19:57] <Communist> Oh wait.
[19:57] <Guiseppi> What do you like in a girl, isaacx?
[19:57] <Communist> Nevermind.
[19:57] <Communist> Like really, nevermind.
[19:57] <Communist> Keep going isaacx
[19:58] <Guiseppi> I'm just trying to get to know you better.
[19:58] <isaacx> um?
[19:58] <isaacx> going where??
[19:58] <Guiseppi> Tell us what you like in a girl.
[19:59] <isaacx> you mean besides the fact that she's Christian or not?
[19:59] <Communist> .....................................................................
[19:59] <Guiseppi> ...fuck you, man. Fuck you.
[19:59] <Guiseppi> Yes, of course I mean besides the fact that she's Christian.
[19:59] <Guiseppi> What attracts you to a girl?
[19:59] <Guiseppi> What makes you think a girl is pretty?
[20:00] <Guiseppi> I'm talking about looks.
[20:00] <isaacx> i don't know
[20:00] <Guiseppi> Do you like a girl with nice breasts?
[20:00] <isaacx> what does that mean?
[20:00] <Guiseppi> You know the bumps on girls' chests?
[20:01] <Guiseppi> Do you like them?
[20:01] <isaacx> what about them?
[20:01] <Isaac> Do you like them?
[20:01] <isaacx> i dont know
[20:01] <Guiseppi> Do you like breasts? Do you think they're nice?
[20:01] <Isaac> Upon glancing at breasts, do you feel aroused?
[20:02] <isaacx> no
[20:02] <Communist> I like girls who can play chess well.
[20:02] <Guiseppi> I'll handle this, stoner.
[20:02] <Communist> =D
[20:02] <Isaac> Stoner?
[20:02] <isaacx> why everyone asking me questions?
[20:02] <Communist> [19:55] * Isaac is higher than a satelite.
[20:02] <Isaac> Higher than a kite?
[20:03] <Guiseppi> isaacx, you're kinda new around here, so we're trying to get to know you better.
[20:03] <Communist> It's what you said.
[20:03] <isaacx> to the IRC?
[20:03] <Guiseppi> Isaac, please change your name back to Base.
[20:03] <Guiseppi> Well, new to us.
[20:03] <Guiseppi> I don't want to bother having to distinguish this late.
[20:03] =-= Isaac is now known as Base
[20:03] <Guiseppi> Thanks.
[20:03] <isaacx> i guess to you
[20:04] <Communist> I hardly know you.
[20:04] <Guiseppi> So isaacx, do you ever picture yourself kissing a girl, or do you ever think about kissing girls?
[20:04] <Communist> We met three days ago.
[20:04] <isaacx> no
[20:04] <Guiseppi> Do you think kissing girls is a sin?
[20:04] <Base> Guiseppi, what kind of sick pleasure do you get from these questions?
[20:04] <Guiseppi> I'm just trying to get to know him better.
[20:04] <Guiseppi> Mind your own business, Base.
[20:05] <Guiseppi> Communist and I just met the guy.
[20:05] <Base> You're pressing on his religion...
[20:05] <Communist> You met him ages ago.
[20:05] <Guiseppi> I was just curious. I mean...
[20:05] <isaacx> you do this to everyone you just meet?
[20:05] <Guiseppi> Not particularly, no.
[20:05] <Communist> isaacx: I have a right to ask this question. What political system do you support?
[20:05] <moneymakezx> I remember the first time Guiseppi and I met.
[20:05] <Communist> I as everyone this.
[20:05] <Communist> *ask.
[20:05] <moneymakezx> We talked for thirteen hours about the state of the economy, girls, high school, and fire trucks.
[20:06] <Base> Communism.
[20:06] <Guiseppi> That was quite a night.
[20:06] <moneymakezx> Indeed.
[20:06] <isaacx> when was that?
[20:06] <Communist> Guiseppi, can you remember when we first met?
[20:06] <Guiseppi> 4 days ago.
[20:06] <moneymakezx> Yeah.
[20:06] <Communist> XD
[20:06] <isaacx> so i was 3 days ago?
[20:06] <Guiseppi> Yeah, I met you 3 days ago.
[20:06] <isaacx> what happened then?
[20:07] <Guiseppi> Of course I can, Communist.
[20:07] <Guiseppi> We... we met. That's what happened.
[20:07] <Communist> Cool, man.
[20:07] <isaacx> thats all?
[20:07] <Communist> isaacx: political view?
[20:07] <Communist> Guiseppi and I go way back.
[20:07] <isaacx> no thanks
[20:07] <Guiseppi> You made your religious opinions very clear.
[20:07] <Communist> Alright.
[20:08] <Guiseppi> isaacx, do you think it would be cool to have a girlfriend?
[20:08] <isaacx> i guess
[20:08] <Communist> I looked at the Satanist website last year. No jokes, the commandments were near identical.
[20:09] <isaacx> as long as she's Christian
[20:09] <Guiseppi> Communist, I remember when I visited Jig at CMU, the day he convinced me to rejoin the community, he was showing me the stats, and you were on it, and he was like, "Oh, Communist, you have to meet that guy. He's cool."
[20:09] <Guiseppi> And he was damn right.
[20:09] <Communist> I haven't seen Jig in a while.
[20:09] <Communist> Or talked to him.
[20:09] <Guiseppi> Yeah, he hasn't been around in a while.
[20:09] <Communist> It's a shame, really.
[20:10] <Guiseppi> That's cool, isaacx. What if she was Catholic? Would that be OK?
[20:10] <Communist> Catholic is Christian.
[20:10] <isaacx> what do catholics do?
[20:10] <Guiseppi> What do they /do/?
[20:10] <Communist> Christians have many sub-groups.
[20:10] <Communist> Catholics are one of them.
[20:10] <Guiseppi> is that... is that a real question?
[20:10] <Communist> The main one, I think?
[20:10] <Guiseppi> The original Christians were Catholic.
[20:11] <Guiseppi> Until good old Martin Luther came.
[20:11] <Guiseppi> ...along, that is.
[20:11] <Communist> ...
[20:11] <isaacx> what do they believed in?
[20:11] <Communist> God.
[20:11] <Communist> They worship God slightly different, though.
[20:11] <isaacx> which parts of the Bible?
[20:11] <Guiseppi> They believe the same thing as you, isaacx, they just practice their religion differently.
[20:11] <Communist> All of it, I think. They have different interpretations, though.
[20:12] <isaacx> what is thier interpretations?
[20:12] <isaacx> do they believe in tongues
[20:12] <Communist> To be honest, I don't know. I'm Anglican.
[20:12] <Guiseppi> For example, they believe that the Church is the link between God and the people, whereas other Christians believe that the Church isn't necessary to worship God.
[20:12] <Communist> Ah yes, that's one of them.
[20:13] <Communist> A few differences are there.
[20:13] <Guiseppi> Yes, isaacx, they believe in tongues. They're a proven oral organ.
[20:13] <Guiseppi> I think everyone believes in tongues.
[20:13] <isaacx> do they believe in talking in other tongues?
[20:13] <Guiseppi> No, they all use their own tongues to talk.
[20:14] <Communist> Ah, that's a better one.
[20:14] <Communist> isaacx: look at that one.
[20:14] <isaacx> which on?
[20:14] <Guiseppi> The one he JUST linked you to.
[20:14] <isaacx> *one?
[20:14] <isaacx> oh
[20:16] <Guiseppi> Finally.
[20:17] <Guiseppi> Anyway, isaacx, would you date a girl like that?
[20:18] <isaacx> no thanks, im not interested in dating at all really at the moment Guis
[20:18] <Guiseppi> That wasn't the question...
[20:18] <Guiseppi> The question was, /would/ you?
[20:18] <isaacx> who knows?
[20:18] <Communist> God, apparently.
[20:18] <DW40> dOE
[20:19] <isaacx> depends on the kind of person she is probably
[20:19] <Guiseppi> You don't understand the nature of questions, do you?
[20:19] <isaacx> what nature?
[20:19] <Guiseppi> You know... I mean like... God, and stuff.
[20:20] <Guiseppi> The way that God made questions mean certain things, and imply others.
[20:20] <isaacx> wha?
[20:20] <Guiseppi> Or maybe that's just the simple concepts of linguistics.
[20:20] <Guiseppi> Either way, you don't understand it.
[20:20] <Guiseppi> I'll be right back.
[20:20] <Communist> Er, even I'm lost there Guiseppi.
[20:20] <Communist> Are other religions really wrong?
[20:20] <Communist> I mean, what if they're right?
[20:21] <isaacx> i dont get that link communist
[20:21] <Communist> You don't?
[20:21] <isaacx> im confused
[20:21] <Communist> It's about the three main branches of Christianity.
[20:21] <Communist> And the broad differences they have between them.
[20:22] <Guiseppi> There's big words there, Communist.
[20:22] <Guiseppi> Of course he's confused.
[20:22] <isaacx> i dont get any of them
[20:22] <Communist> So... we can see one group thinks that Mary was a virgin, and sinless, and another thinks that Mary was not a virgin, as only Christ was sinless.
20:23] <Guiseppi> You clearly don't understand your religion very well, then.
[20:23] <isaacx> i can't compare myself to them very well
[20:24] <Communist> That's understandable. On the surface, most are the same.
[20:24] <Guiseppi> Yeah. That would require some sort of knowledge.
[20:24] <Communist> =s I can't tell the difference between most of them.
[20:24] <Guiseppi> isaacx, do you know what Judaism is?
[20:24] <isaacx> what is it?
[20:25] <Guiseppi> ...God fucking dammit.
[20:25] <Guiseppi> I'm asking you if you know what it is.
[20:25] <Guiseppi> That's a yes or no question.
[20:25] <isaacx> at least you know that i dont know
[20:26] <isaacx> so, what is it?
[20:26] <Guiseppi> So you don't know what it means to be Jewish?
[20:26] <Communist> It's a group of people believe in what is written in the Old Testament only.
[20:26] <Communist> They don't have the New Testament. They don't think Jesus was God.
[20:26] <Guiseppi> Jewish people think that the messiah has yet to come. Do you understand that sentence?
[20:26] <isaacx> oh, the Jews
[20:27] <Guiseppi> Yeah.
[20:27] <isaacx> yeah i know
[20:27] <Guiseppi> I was raised Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah before I became atheist.
[20:28] <isaacx> bar mitzvah?
[20:28] * Guiseppi *facepalm*
[20:28] <isaacx> what happened to Base?
[20:28] <Guiseppi> Whatever.
[20:29] <Guiseppi> isaacx, do you know what DNA is?
[20:29] <isaacx> bacteria?
[20:29] <moneymakezx> Ahahahaha. (I'm heading it off at the pass, Guis. I have all this time to type out the response be-Ahahahahaha.)
[20:29] <Guiseppi> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[22:43] <Guiseppi> I'd much rather watch animals get boned in the ass.
[22:09] <ortsz> Your mother is a <censored> <censored> <censored> who stuffed <censored> <censored> up her <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored> and then <censored> the <censored> mailman's <censored> <censored> iguana <censored>.
[22:06] <squibbles> You are a <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored> Communist, and I hope that you get <censored> <censored> by a Bears <censored>
[22:07] <Bio> To me, that sounds really erotic.
[22:08] <Bio> Someone needs to draw that.
<Lenny> Hahaha. Valentines' Day card games!
<Lenny> "Dude, you got a kiss point!"
<Lenny> "Sweet! Three more of these and I'll have enough to get a GIRL!"
<Lenny> Just smile and play along anyway.
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<Dzigue> Mm. Who's this?
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<Cornface> I have a fetish for straight men.
Communist> So, he was like, my other ride is your mum
<Lenny> img.header {
<Lenny> background-color:#006600;
<Lenny> text-align:center;
<Lenny> }
<Lenny> Dashy?
<Communist> and I was like, I'll take her screeching around the corners.
<Communist> "you can hear her screaming through the night.
<Communist> "
<Communist> "She needs fluid, fill her up!"\
<Communist> Yeah, she holds 5, but 7 can squeeze.
<Communist> Is anyone reading this? No? Thought not.