It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

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[00:50] <ska> Q: What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking?
[00:50] <incluye> Slow down.
[00:50] <incluye> And use a lubricant.
[20:04:35] <Calcy> FUCK YOU, SKYLINE. ;_;
[20:04:40] * Calcy cries.
[20:04:47] <Skyline> ://////////////////
[20:05:01] <Skyline> I 'pologize.
[20:07:48] <Fraxtil> Goodness, how many faces do you need?
[20:08:03] <Clifford> Mouths, you mean?
[20:08:17] <Fraxtil> Mouths, faces, same difference.
[20:10:42] <AF> Fraxtil's right, Skyline. Yahoozy only has the one mouth. :/
[20:12:03] <Skyline> AF... it's been done too many times.
[20:19:18] <AF> You're right. It's been done as much as Calcy's mom. :/
[20:19:28] <smartalco> so once and only by accident?
[19:55] <Animator> Maestro wanted to pen down all the common things we said if we ever were to become robots.
[19:56] <Animator> Example: I always say this every time someone gets op'd (Hey, <name> got promoted to <status>, congrats.)
[19:56] <Animator> We'd post it on his website and rate it for accuracy.
[19:59] <ATR> <Vyacheslav> CHAINSAW GUTSFUCK
[19:59] * Vyacheslav ( has joined #n
[19:59] <ATR> was one of them, I believe.
[19:59] <ATR> HOLY SHIT.
[19:59] <ATR> WAHAHA.
[19:59] <@Tsukatu> Wow. Good call.
[19:59] <Animator> Ahahaha.
[19:59] <@Tsukatu> That appears to summon Vyacheslav.
[19:59] <Vyacheslav> O_O
[19:59] <Vyacheslav> Wait what?
[19:59] <@Tsukatu> 16:59:39 < ATR> <Vyacheslav> CHAINSAW GUTSFUCK
[19:59] <@Tsukatu> 16:59:43 -!- Vyacheslav [] has joined #n
[19:59] <Vyacheslav> WHAHAHA
[19:59] <Vyacheslav> CHAINSAW GUTSFUCK
[20:00] <Vyacheslav> I honestly just entered my dorm.
[20:00] <@gloomp> o_o
[09:05] <spoon> I dunno, but ALL CAPS reales the noobier side of me.
[09:05] <spoon> *realeases.
[09:05] <ATR> reveals*
[09:05] <maestro> *releases
[09:05] <maestro> ASTERISK GOES ON THE LEFT
[09:05] <ATR> WHAT
[09:05] <spoon> YES> YOU IDIOT.
[09:05] <spoon> LEFT. SIDE.
[09:06] <ATR> YES.*
[09:06] <spoon> NO.
[09:06] <spoon> YES>
[09:06] <ATR> YES.*
[09:06] <spoon> *SIDE
[09:06] <ATR> That arrow is pointing to the right
[09:06] <spoon> No, no. It's going left.
[09:06] <Runningninja> WTF?
[09:06] <spoon> It's a little aligator.
[09:07] <spoon> Goes "chomp, chomp, chomp"
[14:40] <Tunc> IM RICH
[14:41] <Tunc> GW I can buy a condom with diamonds on it.
[14:42] <Yanni> Look at my penis. Look up. Now look back down again. My condom is now diamonds.
[21:18] <victim> Now this is freaky.
[21:18] <Axonn> What?
[21:18] <victim> There's this person outside just sitting in their car starring out through the front window. They've been there for hours.
[21:19] <Axonn> What are they staring at?
[21:19] <victim> Just ahead of them.
[21:19] <Axonn> Exactly how long have they been there?
[21:19] <victim> I don't know, but I haven't seen that car move in days.
[21:20] <Ravenclaw> Don't go see if he's ok, he might try to rob you
[21:20] <victim> Yeah.
[21:20] <Animator> Grab a knife and a gun, in case it's a zombie.
[21:20] <Ravenclaw> Good thinking
[21:20] <Axonn> Has the person been there the entire time, too?
[21:20] <victim> How she is making heand gestures.
[21:20] <Animator> If its a vampire, 3 cloves of garlic should do.
[21:20] <victim> As if she's talking to someone/.
[21:20] <victim> But she is alone in there.
[21:20] <Animator> If it's a mage taking an imaginary ride to the future, you have nothing to worry.
[21:21] <victim> Oh, phew.
[21:21] <Animator> Ah! Paranormal activity.
[21:21] <victim> Still there.
[21:21] <victim> Oh know!
[21:21] <victim> Phew. never mind.
[21:21] <Ravenclaw> ...
[21:21] <victim> Someone slowed down to talk to her, but they knew better.
[21:21] <victim> Is that like her house?
[21:21] <Animator> Call the Ghost Busters. Poltergust 3000. Something.
[21:23] <Animator> *turns on Psycho theme*
[21:23] <Axonn> Go up to the car, tell her to roll down the windows, and say "You got any drugs in there? If you do, uh, that's bad, m'kay."
[21:23] <Axonn> Actually, don't do that.
[21:23] <victim> She is still there... this is freaky.
[21:24] <victim> First time I ever seen her in the car.
[21:24] <Animator> Everything is more freaky with the Psycho Theme (Introduction, not the really intense shower scene music).
[21:24] <Axonn> Get a boom box, go up to her, get her to roll down the windows, and then play Thriller on the boom box.
[21:25] <victim> I should film her and but that song over it.
[21:25] <Axonn> Tell us the reaction.
[21:25] <victim> K. Getting a camera.
[21:25] <Animator> Just go to her and tell her what's wrong.
[21:25] <victim> That's too risky.
[21:25] <Animator> Of course, be armed.
[21:25] <Animator> Just in case.
[21:25] <victim> I'll bring a pitchfork.
[21:25] <Axonn> Nah.
[21:26] <Animator> Knife should do.
[21:26] <victim> Pocketknife?
[21:26] <AlliedEnvy> She's stealing your wireless internet, victim.
[21:26] <Animator> Pocketknife, yeah.
[21:26] <Axonn> Don't use a close-range weapon on her.
[21:26] <AlliedEnvy> Or someone near you.
[21:27] <Axonn> If you get too close, you'll be trapped in her evil aura, and she will eat your soul.
[21:27] <Axonn> Got any guns?
[21:28] <Animator> Water gun could work.
[21:28] <ATR> High-pressure?
[21:28] <Axonn> Yeah, especially if it's filled with holy water.
[21:28] <ATR> Oh, yeah.
[21:29] <Axonn> Uh-oh.
[21:29] <Axonn> victim isn't responding.
[21:29] <ATR> ...
[21:29] <victim> I was filming her.
[21:29] <Axonn> Oh.
[21:29] <ATR> Oh.
[21:29] <victim> She has her seatbelt on.
[21:29] <victim> She isn't moving.
[21:29] <ATR> At all?
[21:29] <victim> Yeah.
[21:29] <Axonn> She wants to be prepared in case a care hits her.
[21:29] <Axonn> *car
[21:29] <victim> I think she's smoking in there. Her hand keeps going to her mouth
[21:30] <victim> But have smoked 15 packets by now.
[21:30] <ATR> You said she wasn't moving.
[21:30] <ATR> Oh, the car.
[21:30] <Axonn> Or 15 doobies.
[21:30] <victim> Well, her arms every once in a while.
[21:30] <victim> I should upload this freaky footage.
[21:31] <victim> HOLY CRAP! SHES GONE!
[21:31] <victim> I lose visual!
[21:31] <Axonn> …
[21:31] <Axonn> Look behind you.
[21:31] <victim> I look away for 1 seconds and she *poof* disappears.
[21:31] <Axonn> Is she behind you?
[21:32] * victim neck breaks.
[21:32] <Axonn> !
[21:32] <Axonn> O_O
[21:33] <Axonn> Hm.
[21:33] <ATR> Well, shit.
[20:21] <Bio> Hey sephr.
[20:21] <Bio> You haxxed my IRC, bitch!! D=<
[20:21] <sephr> me?
[20:21] <Bio> Yeah, you!
[20:21] <sephr> how so?
[20:21] <ATR> Sephr: you're the only one with the requisite skills.
[20:22] <sephr> I thought there were 2 other programmers here too
[20:22] <ATR> Possibility is proof.
[20:22] <Bio> You used my nick and spammed.
[20:22] <sephr> and that's hacking your IRC client?
[20:22] <sephr> first of all, it wasn't spam
[20:22] <ATR> AHAHAHA. The Omegle thing?
[20:23] <Bio> Well, not my client.
[20:23] <sephr> it was a legitimate retard being proxied through omegle
[20:23] <Bio> -_-
[20:23] <Bio> And you use my nick to proxy him.
[20:23] <sephr> well I made it pick a random three-letter nick
[20:23] <sephr> it just happened to collide with your nick
[20:23] <Bio> Are you shitting me?
[20:23] <sephr> nope
[20:23] <Bio> That is such bullshit.
[20:23] <sephr> I can show you the source
[20:24] <sephr> want the source code?
[20:24] <Bio> You have got to be bullshitting me.
[20:24] <sephr> I wouldn't bullshit on the internet
[20:24] <sephr> It's all serious business in these parts
[20:26] <ATR> It's just like when Omegler picked us as the chat partner seven times in a row, right, Sephr?
[20:26] <sephr> yeah
[20:27] <Bio> -_-
[20:27] <sephr> the random entropy for my computer musn't have changed
[20:27] <Bio> Still, it was total bullshit.
[20:27] * Donfuy ( has joined #n
[20:27] <sephr> it was supposedly getting new random info but it must have not changed due to a bug
[20:27] <ATR> Bio, you just need to calm down.
[20:27] <Bio> -_-
[20:27] <Donfuy> CALM DOWN BIO
[20:28] <Donfuy> CALM THE *FUCK* DOWN BIO
[20:28] <Wannas> :|
[20:28] <Donfuy> xD
[20:29] <Donfuy> Waaait wait wait, "no douchebaggery allowed for 26th/27th"
[20:29] <ATR> Sorry, Bio.
[20:29] <Izzy|HW> For Bio, that would be normality.
[20:29] <ATR> Oh. Yeah.
[20:29] <Bio> Ahahahhahahaha.