flag 18 May 2013
[21:59:28] <KinGAleX> Hahahaha.
[21:59:42] <KinGAleX> N 2.0 is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
[21:59:55] <oeuvre> how so
[22:01:10] <KinGAleX> It just has nothing to do with any of the community developments in the last six years.
[22:01:12] <KinGAleX> Wait.
[22:01:14] <KinGAleX> Eight years.
[22:01:24] <halifax> M&R had their target demographic right under their noses this whole time.
[22:01:27] <halifax> And they -never- took advantage of it.
[22:01:38] <KinGAleX> Not once.
[22:01:44] <oeuvre> true
[22:01:46] <KinGAleX> Do they actually think this is going to reach a wider audience?
[22:01:51] <halifax> They were busy playing some kind of PR game for the past eight years.
[22:02:15] <KinGAleX> It's like remaking the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire again as Spiderman.
gloomp 12 Dec 2011
[23:49:55] <kuri> this is dumb
[23:49:58] <kuri> i hate my life
[23:50:14] <melchiortsz> You should consider suicide.
[23:50:25] <kuri> what are you, my mother
halifax 05 Jan 2012
<doctor_pork> D'
<hollyfax> you began to cry
<hollyfax> but both your eyes disappeared
<hollyfax> or
<hollyfax> asian pirate
<doctor_pork> was that a haiku
rennaT 21 Feb 2011
<skyline> Whenever you're hanging out with people, do you ever think about how close their penises are to yours? D:
flag 26 Dec 2012
<flag> are you drunk
<Donfuy> there's a line, between that being a compliment, and being an insult
<flag> you are so drunk
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gloomp 04 Oct 2016
[21:22:51] * flag (flag@scave-30399581.dhcp.ftbg.wi.charter.com) has joined #s4
[21:22:57] <flag> god damn it
[21:22:59] <flag> is anyone here
[21:24:09] * flag has quit (Quit: flag)
[21:24:20] <gloomp> what a nerd
987654321 28 May 2016
<kuri> niconico >>> youtube
<kuri> sorry i'm weeb trash
<oeuvre> not true
<oeuvre> trash gets picked up
maxson924 12 Feb 2016
<Rose> yeah in that case there should only be a bot reply every 20 non-magic lines
<Rose> but I did give them a lot of magic words
<trance> was booze one of them/
<trance> ?
<Colgate> /all of them/
maxson924 30 Nov 2015
<nil> .ball
<Sparkle> nil: .ball <query> -- randomly chooses a response to <query> from a predefined pool
<nil> .ball does this plugin work?
<Sparkle> nil: Don't count on it
TommyWiseau 06 Jul 2015
<Colgate> i am still rather unimportant to god/nature.