Sockmonkey: 16 Apr 2009
86% (23)
[02:04:04] &ortsz The carpooling analogy is a good one, I think.
[02:04:21] &ortsz In terms of environment impact, it's preferable to walk, ride a bicycle, or catch public transport.
[02:04:41] &ortsz But if you're gonna drive a car, it's better if you fill it up as much as possible.
[02:04:46] &ortsz Rapepooling is the same.
[02:05:08] &ortsz You shouldn't rape anyone, but if you're gonna be raping, you might as well fill him/her up as much as possible.
gloomp: 27 Feb 2010
81% (16)
[17:33:29] <Yanni> You know that lynch mobs are usually good at surfing as well?
[17:33:38] <Yanni> They hang ten, too.
[17:33:40] * Yanni sets modes [#n -o+b Yanni *!*SoY@*]
[17:33:40] * Yanni has kicked Yanni from #n (Yanni)
PALEMOON: 29 Jul 2009
84% (21)
[18:36] <yungerkid> speaking of which
[18:36] <yungerkid> what happened to sidke?
[18:36] <yungerkid> is he just off raging in the nether-abyss of his dark realms?
[18:36] <PALEMOON> if you're asking if he is masturbating
[18:36] <PALEMOON> i don't think so
Atilla: 15 Apr 2007
85% (19)
<Atilla> Actually, these days I'm less worried about Big Brother watching everyone than I am about everyone watching Big Brother.
flag: 26 Dec 2012
93% (15)
<flag> are you drunk
<Donfuy> there's a line, between that being a compliment, and being an insult
<flag> you are so drunk