gloomp: 15 Jun 2010
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[19:53:54] <scythe> so anyway
[19:54:32] <scythe> this russian guy used to go around digging up stuff on old battlefields
[19:54:33] <scythe> one day
[19:54:36] <scythe> he digs up a bomb
[19:54:54] <scythe> and so he goes around showing it to his buddies
[19:55:11] <scythe> until it blows up and rips his arms off at the shoulder
[19:55:14] <scythe> it just goes to show
[19:55:18] <scythe> in soviet russia
[19:55:21] <scythe> bomb disarms you
[19:55:40] * gloomp sets modes [#n +o scythe]
gloomp: 14 May 2012
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[16:39:16] <flag> wait gloopm
[16:39:29] <flag> did i ever tell you the story of how i met a guy who killed his mother
[16:39:34] <gloomp> you did not
[16:39:44] <flag> i was at taco cabana at about 4 am
[16:39:50] <flag> taco plate, a #2
[16:39:52] <flag> best deal on earth
[16:39:58] <flag> me and a friend at a four person table
[16:40:00] <flag> all of a sudden
[16:40:12] <flag> homeless person in a cowboy hat and suspenders, all up in my table
[16:40:19] <flag> i'm like what can i do for ya mate
[16:40:23] <flag> and he's like
[16:40:29] <flag> i just killed my mother
[16:40:32] <flag> and i'm like
[16:40:33] <flag> hahahaha
[16:40:34] <flag> oh no
[16:40:38] <flag> he's serious
[16:40:46] <flag> (that last bit in a whisper to my friend)
[16:40:51] <flag> so them i'm like
[16:40:53] <flag> then
[16:40:56] <flag> i'm like
[16:40:57] <flag> tell me more
[16:41:00] <flag> and he's like
[16:41:01] <flag> well
[16:41:04] <flag> she was annoying me
[16:41:10] <flag> (and i'm nodding)
[16:41:16] <flag> so i killed her in bastrop
[16:41:32] <flag> which is about an hour's drive from where we were currently eating taco plates
[16:41:45] <flag> and then he walked here
[16:41:47] <flag> but
[16:41:48] <flag> but
[16:41:53] <flag> here is the crazy part
[16:41:59] <flag> he was carrying taco bell
[16:42:06] <flag> he had just come to the taco cabana to sleep
[16:42:08] <flag> mn
[16:42:12] <flag> man what
[16:42:13] <flag> the fuck
[16:42:30] <Rose> I assume you got the hell out of there and called the cops.
[16:42:35] <gloomp> beautiful
[16:42:43] <gloomp> why would you call the cops
[16:42:54] <gloomp> a guy like that is on a whole nother level than boring old cops
[16:44:48] <flag> i did not call the cops
[16:44:54] <flag> i believe i bought him a taco
[16:44:58] <flag> a real one not that taco bell crap
[16:45:17] <flag> to be fair i was on drugs and the whole oh hey he is either a murderer, insane or both thing just flew by me
[16:45:30] <flag> never occurred to me that i might actually call the police
[16:45:30] <flag> until now
[16:45:36] <flag> maybe i will call them in the morning
[16:45:47] <gloomp> you're a good person flag
Yahoozy: 18 Jan 2010
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<bok_choy> The Middle East is so called because, before World War I, the Balkans were considered the Near East.
<bok_choy> Archduke Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius of Austria.
<Yahoozy> This is the part of day where maestro has become so satiated with Wikipedia knowledge that he can't articulate conversation, and can only inject ambiguous ideas from the website, mostly in small bursts.
<bok_choy> I pity the fool who doesn't enjoy my random tidbits of infMr. T is an American actor known for his roles as B. A. Baracus mohawk hairstyle, large amounts of gold jewelry
maxson924: 23 Dec 2012
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<Uunniversary> god natt
<scr|pt> fucking. never say that again
<scr|pt> saying goodnight every fucking day in three channels and then not leaving
<noeloomp> he does it in more than three channels
<noeloomp> he just sends it to all channels he's in, at once
<Uunniversary> noeloomp i do it in every channel im in on the twelve servers i frequent
Destiny: 22 Jul 2011
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In #pokemon

<flag> please pass judgment on my black lineup real fast
<ChrisE> Police in Texas have been saying that for years