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flag 18 May 2013
[21:59:28] <KinGAleX> Hahahaha.
[21:59:42] <KinGAleX> N 2.0 is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
[21:59:55] <oeuvre> how so
[22:01:10] <KinGAleX> It just has nothing to do with any of the community developments in the last six years.
[22:01:12] <KinGAleX> Wait.
[22:01:14] <KinGAleX> Eight years.
[22:01:24] <halifax> M&R had their target demographic right under their noses this whole time.
[22:01:27] <halifax> And they -never- took advantage of it.
[22:01:38] <KinGAleX> Not once.
[22:01:44] <oeuvre> true
[22:01:46] <KinGAleX> Do they actually think this is going to reach a wider audience?
[22:01:51] <halifax> They were busy playing some kind of PR game for the past eight years.
[22:02:15] <KinGAleX> It's like remaking the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire again as Spiderman.
gloomp 12 Dec 2011
[23:49:55] <kuri> this is dumb
[23:49:58] <kuri> i hate my life
[23:50:14] <melchiortsz> You should consider suicide.
[23:50:25] <kuri> what are you, my mother
halifax 05 Jan 2012
<doctor_pork> D'
<hollyfax> you began to cry
<hollyfax> but both your eyes disappeared
<hollyfax> or
<hollyfax> asian pirate
<doctor_pork> was that a haiku
rennaT 21 Feb 2011
<skyline> Whenever you're hanging out with people, do you ever think about how close their penises are to yours? D:
flag 26 Dec 2012
<flag> are you drunk
<Donfuy> there's a line, between that being a compliment, and being an insult
<flag> you are so drunk
maxson924 20 Apr 2011
<Rose> It has me in it, therefore 5.
<Yanni> That's how I rate women.
flag 03 Nov 2012
[21:09:25] <Yahoozy> Not much time to study American history when you're trying to cradle a broken heart.
[21:09:44] <SlappyMcGee> Yo, your ex-girlfriend dates a guy with a way better name than you now
[21:09:48] <SlappyMcGee> JOE STACK
[21:09:59] <flag> ^
[21:10:01] <flag> stacked
[21:10:02] <SlappyMcGee> He's like the shark of men.
[21:10:18] <Yahoozy> She's a cunt and it's weird that you know anything about her right now.
ortsz 25 Nov 2012
[May 24 2009 00:19:55] <KinGAleX> gloomp is one of those guys who is more a community man than a mapper or a highscorer.
[May 24 2009 00:20:00] <KinGAleX> He is a cornerstone.
[May 24 2009 00:20:08] <KinGAleX> Actually, more of an edge piece.
[May 24 2009 00:20:15] <KinGAleX> Seeing as there are only usually four corners.
[May 24 2009 00:20:21] <gloomp> Mmhmm.
[May 24 2009 00:20:45] <Leaff> gloomp would be the fifth corner.
[May 24 2009 00:21:02] <blue_tetris> If he becomes jaded, self-righteous, and hateful, there just might be a slot in global mods for him.
Destiny 27 Sep 2010
<Orange> krusch my meat wants to ask you a question
<Orange> hello this is Orange's meat speaking
<Orange> play mafia dude
<Orange> over
<krusch> Hahaha.
<krusch> That's not a question.
<krusch> Your meat is stupid.
<Orange> It's a bit thick.
<krusch> Well played.
krusch 01 Mar 2007
<Kabloxy> Man, fuck atob winning the TMMLT.
<Kabloxy> I spent 30-some hours on that ten-minute map.
Yahoozy 07 Aug 2011
blue_tetris: When does your family leave, already.
Yahoozy: You need me.
Yahoozy: Don't you.
blue_tetris: I do.
blue_tetris: I mean... ahem.... When you're done playing Candy Land with your famiwy, Lil Mason, you give me a holler, huh?
Yahoozy: Okay. :>
Yahoozy: :>
blue_tetris briefly shows another telling expression as he glance back at Mason's loving family, before heading out into the cold Christmas Eve.
Yahoozy: Wait, Dave! You forgot your gift.
Yahoozy: It's Travel-sized Scrabble. We didn't really know what to get you...
blue_tetris: I... no, you really shouldn't have.
blue_tetris: I'm not even part of the family. I... don't even have a family...
Yahoozy: You have a family Dave. You're a mythomanic.
Yahoozy: Please leave before Aunt Shelly notices you're still here because you told her you were a serial rapist.
blue_tetris bundles his four coats close to his body, and stares blankly, ignoring any facts about himself.
blue_tetris: Have you any warm cider before I go?
Yahoozy: You have cider in your hand. Right now. You drank almost the entire bowl.
blue_tetris: I guess Christmas is something -inside- all along.
blue_tetris: You can't just buy it from the shelves... it's... right here... right now. With my new family.
blue_tetris embraces your relatives, then throws up under the back of the tree where no one will see it.
blue_tetris: It's not a Christmas tree, mind you. It's just out on the lawn. It's not even Christmas.
Yahoozy: It's not even a lawn. We're at a hockey game right now.
Yahoozy: But you did bring an entire pitcher of apple cider with you.
blue_tetris: I vomited behind the goalie, where everyone could see it.
halifax 10 Mar 2013
Plastyck: Never Google your password.
blue_tetris: I never would.
Plastyck: I'm gonna do it.
Plastyck: No results.
Plastyck: ...on -this- Net.
blue_tetris: Now Google knows.
Plastyck: Like it didn't anyway.
blue_tetris: Instead, showing results for "your34 pass7word8 SpiderBoss992@heatwaveTHEJUICER.wisdom"
blue_tetris: And then every hacker always can just click VIEW INTERNET AS THIS FRIEND? on Google+.
blue_tetris: And get all your shit.
Plastyck: How did you...
blue_tetris: A lady never tells........
blue_tetris: And a gentleman -always- tells........
Plastyck: You're a DarkNetizen, aren't you.
blue_tetris: I dab.
blue_tetris: The question is, .ru?
gloomp 11 Feb 2011
[21:41:32] <phaedrus> I actually still have the first image I ever ejaculated to:
[21:41:45] <phaedrus> It's safe for work.
[21:42:02] <skyling> :(((((((((((((((((
flag 07 Jan 2012
[23:40:10] <scythe> skyline: have you heard ron paul is a freemason illuminati tool of the jews
[23:40:58] <skyline> nope
[23:41:06] <skyline> i'd like to
[23:41:15] <skyline> wait is that a song
BionicCryonic 24 Nov 2012
<@RandomDigits> do prosthetic legs get you hard?
<@RandomDigits> wait I misread that
<@RandomDigits> also why the fuck did I even ask that >_______<
gloomp 03 Jan 2013
[22:41:15] <Etothetaui> let me rephrase my request... Does any one have hi-res dragon pictures that are not porn...
gloomp 30 Aug 2012
[14:30:47] <maki> i would be afraid to take japanese formally
[14:30:51] <maki> all the weeaboos i would be around
[14:30:59] <gloomp> haha yeah that'd be awful
[14:31:09] <maki> "no ohayou means i love you jerk"
[14:31:14] <maki> no no it ... no. sorry ;w
[14:31:25] <gloomp> i wonder if there's an equivalent term for people who want to be french
[14:31:38] <maki> canadians
ortsz 24 Dec 2012
[23:06:23] <Paradox> ourtsz… can i DED a shitty N-art to you?
[23:07:11] <saxomat> Always.
[23:11:02] <Paradox>
[23:11:36] <saxomat> 0aved
[23:13:51] <Paradox> I would have been slightly happier if you hadn't actually rated 0
gloomp 15 Jun 2010
[19:53:54] <scythe> so anyway
[19:54:32] <scythe> this russian guy used to go around digging up stuff on old battlefields
[19:54:33] <scythe> one day
[19:54:36] <scythe> he digs up a bomb
[19:54:54] <scythe> and so he goes around showing it to his buddies
[19:55:11] <scythe> until it blows up and rips his arms off at the shoulder
[19:55:14] <scythe> it just goes to show
[19:55:18] <scythe> in soviet russia
[19:55:21] <scythe> bomb disarms you
[19:55:40] * gloomp sets modes [#n +o scythe]
Yanni 11 Sep 2010
<Reggie> Also, Donfuy, have you been playing OTTD?
<Reggie> That is, have you been repaying our debt or building things or something?
<Donfuy> No. I've been playing Mow the Motherfucking Lawn
<superno> I like that game.
<superno> I prefer the expansion, though: "Fuck You Dad Do It Yourself You Old Cunt"
Kablizzy 18 Aug 2011
<blue_tetris> Hugs give you boners?
<incluye> Well, yeah.
<incluye> I mean, I'm kind of like my penis's guidance counselor.
<incluye> I can give it ideas and even help it along sometimes, but ultimately its actions are its own decision.
<blue_tetris> If hugs give you boners, what happens if she accidentally looks at your pants. Do you climax seven times?
<blue_tetris> The Muscular Dystrophy must be your kind of foreplay.
<incluye> more or less
<blue_tetris> walk.
<blue_tetris> walk was supposed to be in ther
<blue_tetris> somewher
<blue_tetris> im a durnk
<incluye> ladies and gentlemen, our administration staff
xwd 27 Jan 2012
* gloomp Car Fukrz - Fudged Grandmas Car (Austalian Dry Rub)
<gloomp> why did i download this
987654321 14 Mar 2011
[11:34] <@krusch> I haven't fapped in ages.
[11:34] <@krusch> So I might fap!
[11:34] <@krusch> is it illegal to tell underagers that you're going to masturbate? I wonder.
[11:35] <~oughts> Depends how you say it.
[11:35] <@krusch> Really?
[11:35] <~oughts> Whispering it into their ears with your hand down your pants is probably a no-no.
UniverseZero 06 Jan 2012
[17:23:11] <kuri> okay, so... this girl i like who was obsessed with me is sorta into another guy right now and its really bugging me. this -guy- is a real jerk and is sort of emo and moody and right now the girl i like is having spasms because he is allegedly trying to "off" himself
[17:24:06] <Universezero> Just stay calm, man. It's never good if you panic.
[17:24:25] <kuri> the whole thing is so completely dumb and i cant believe she would like a guy like that because im totally awesome and cool minus all the frigging issues everyone else has because honestly i am the most carefree kid in school
[17:25:07] <kuri> no, no uni i dont give a hoot about the guy trying to kill himself
[17:25:14] <kuri> its the girl i care about
[17:25:21] <kuri> :)
[17:26:20] <kuri> anyways we have a writing test tomorrow and im like panicking because its 11 o clock in new york time and i have to finish yet another dumb powerpoint presentation... this time about SPORT DRINK
[17:27:10] <@otters> it's never good if you panic
[17:27:13] <@otters> - UniverseZero
[17:27:35] <kuri> whoops
[17:28:56] <kuri> i am friends with a seventy something year old italian lady on facebook
[17:29:06] <kuri> were not related at all and she is sort of a pain in the neck
[17:29:20] <kuri> i think i wanna be a communist
Kablizzy 19 Feb 2011
[03:57] <krusch> Who is that in your TinyChat, Snugs?
[03:58] <Kabloxy> 'tis G-dubbs.
[03:58] <krusch> Oh wow. Awesome.
[03:59] <Kabloxy> I know, right?
[04:01] <krusch> They are hanging out in real life, and guess what they're doing.
[04:01] <krusch> Playing videogames.
[04:01] <krusch> When they could be deepthroating each other.
[04:01] <krusch> I mean seriously, we spend all this time on here, but you can't deepthroat over IRC.
[04:02] <krusch> When I meet a Metanetter in real life, that's the first thing I do.
[04:02] <krusch> Speaking of which, Orange, dude, we've -gotta- meet up.
[04:02] <krusch> I can't wait to tackle your block and tackle.